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How to Take An L, And Come Back Bigger Like A Boss

When many Nigerians tuned in to watch Kamaru Usman vs Leon Edwards, we were so sure of getting a win. Sadly, our sports honeymoon that started from Tobi Amusan’s world record victories became over, first with Anthony Joshua’s defeat, then Kamaru’s.

Anyway, we took our L in peace and moved, and we dare say that’s what makes all of us audacious. Yes, we said it. Being great sometimes comes when you accept your losses. 

Kamaru himself said it succinctly in his post-fight Instagram post, “Champs f$#k up sometimes… but we bounce back and come with vengeance.” So, what vengeance are you coming back with after taking an L?

Well, it depends on the L you took. If it’s breakfast, we say become the girl or boy they can’t have. If it’s a rejection from work, build your skills and get employed by a bigger company. Whatever it is, always aim to come back with a bigger bang. 

But if it’s your finances, here are a few tips to help you come back:

  1. Make a budget – The reason you are not keeping track of your money is because you do not plan for how you want to spend it. In the office, Eze makes a conscious effort to write down everything he spends money on daily, down to money he uses to buy biscuits. Now that’s the kind of prudence we think is extreme, but love. You don’t need to be like Eze, there are apps that can help you, or better still, you can get a Utility card on ALAT to help you budget.
  2. Avoid Loans – Debt is never a good thing, but we do understand that life can be hard sometimes. If you ask us, we will say avoid taking a loan, but if you must, not a loan shark, please. We’ve got low-interest loans on ALAT that you can repay after 30 days. Rule of thumb: don’t take any loan that is more than 20% of your monthly income, because it is one thing to take a loan and it is another to repay.
  3. Find a Side Hustle – The aspire to perspire and Maguire people will tell you to have multiple streams of income, as if its easy. Well, while it’s challenging, you can always find a way, especially in these days where remote work is becoming king. Learn a skill that people will pay for and use your free time/weekends to do the work and get paid extra. 

There’s more we can tell you about reversing your financial L and coming back stronger, but we know faces are different, and so are our challenges.

Anyhoo, what matters most is to ensure you make a lot of money that those that called you broke, will start calling you ‘boss.’