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Grow your savings automatically as you spend using your ALAT app.

ALAT is making Savings so easy with the spend and save feature!

The best way to cultivate a saving habit is to treat savings just like any other recurring expense; something paid for regularly. Whatever your goal is, whether you want build up short-term or long-term savings, our Spend and Save feature will make your goal achievable.

The Spend and Save automatically allows you save between 5 to 20% of all expenses made such as Airtime & data purchases, transfers, and Bills payment from your ALAT App or account.

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spend and save feature on alat

Features of Spend and Save

Spend and Save feature helps you save money as you spend. Here are some of it interesting perks.

Multiple savings rules

With Spend and Save, you can create multiple savings rules for different types of transactions. For instance, you can set a rule to save 5% for every fuel purchase and 10% for every grocery purchase.

Automated Savings

Spend and Save allows you to set a savings rule that automatically saves a percentage of every transaction you make. For example, you can choose to save 10% of every transaction you make with your ALAT debit card.

Real-time tracking

You can track your savings progress in real-time with Spend and Save. The feature provides a breakdown of your savings, showing the amount saved per transaction and the total amount saved so far.

Flexible Saving

It offers flexible savings options such as savings goals and savings plans. You can set a savings goal for a specific amount and a date to achieve it, or create a savings plan that automatically saves a fixed amount at regular intervals.

Explore other similar savings goals

Investment Goals on ALAT is a feature that helps you plan, track, and achieve their investment targets.

Fixed Goal on ALAT is a savings feature that allows you to set a specific investment target and lock away funds towards achieving it, with competitive interest rates.

Flexi Goal on ALAT allows you to set investment targets with no fixed completion date, giving you the flexibility to contribute towards your goals at your own pace

Dollar Goal feature on ALAT allows you to save and invest in US dollars, providing a unique investment opportunity with potential returns in foreign currency.

Investment Goal on ALAT allows users to set financial targets and automatically save towards achieving those goals, with options.

Lock up Goal feature on ALAT allows you to save towards a specific goal by locking up your funds for a set period of time.

With our user-friendly app, you can easily pay your bills from the comfort of your own home, & never miss a due date again.

Other various savings goals feature

With several awards, ALAT continues to distinguish itself in the financial technology service industry across Africa enabling individuals and businesses with savings & investment opportunities. 

Fixed Goal

Save for a new target whenever you want and earn huge interest rate.

Flexi Goal

Save towards a project at a frequency of choice, with withdrawal option.

Dollar Goal

Save in dollars whenever you want and not allow your money loose it’s value.


Save any amount you want, whenever you want instead of keeping idle funds in your account.

Save towards specific investment goals for a period and get interest upfront.
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Lock up​

Lock up funds with a fixed withdrawal date.