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Why You Should Get A Tech Skill In Nigeria

Struggling to make a decision? Here’s your cue to get a tech skill

Everyone says to learn a skill, but then again while Nkechi is learning fashion designing, and Amina is developing her skills in hairdressing, Samuel is learning how to make shoes, and then there’s you confused.

The first trick is to identify your areas of interest. If you’re like most Nigerians in Tech today, money is both your motivation and your passion. So, what skills are currently bringing in the money? One can argue, tech or digital skills are the new oil money, and we’re here to help you navigate the path and show you the light. 

A wise person once said, “If you can provide a solution to a problem, you can make the money,” and that is what learning tech skills is all about. You are digital, and you are solving a problem. Technology has come to stay and there is no turning back; rather, newer technologies and advancements have been invented. The great thing about technical skills is that they make it easier to dive into other areas and figure out how things work. 

Remember how we promised to show you the light? So here are some of the reasons why you should consider becoming a tech bro or sis today and tweak your skills in that direction. 

⦁    Your Get To Dress How You Like

Corporate people, unfortunately Tech people don’t get to wear shirts and suits, even if their hair is their own. As a person in tech you can decide to dye your hair the colour of your choice no one will police you, infact it is encouraged. as a tech bro and sis, the fashions are not limited to a particular fashion style.

 You get to work from home

Who doesn’t like the no-stress lifestyle? I mean, you get to wake up on your own time, with no rush, no pressure. All you need to do is get the work done. If you were in Lagos, this would make sense because you are not jumping danfo and inhaling toxic air. You just stay at home and work.

⦁    To Future-Proof Your Career

Today, every career and industry is becoming more tech-focused and reliant. Industries from agriculture to education are integrating tech into their day-to-day operations, and those who have tech skills and are comfortable working with technology will have a much easier time adapting to changing expectations. 

Learning to code isn’t going to make you a master of every career-related technology out there, but it will give you the beginning of your confidence in your tech abilities and make it easier by finding your niche. 

⦁    You can work almost Anywhere

Computing and coding are all about solving problems. Create a solution for a user’s problem, and host it with a cloud hosting or website hosting company. You then test your solution for bugs or potential improvements, and you create a better version. Every step of the way heads toward solving problems. 

Problem-solving skills are universal and can be applied to every part of your life and work, regardless of your lifestyle or industry. To efficiently handle problems, you must identify the issue, break it down into its components, and create, test, and improve solutions.

⦁    The Money Is Good

Here’s the best part. I am sure you have been waiting for the money part. Learning a tech skill will pay off because the average employee in the tech industry makes more than those in other fields. According to Glassdoor, the average software engineer makes $95K annually. And that’s the catch: work and make cool money to flex and also save yourself from being broke-shamed. It would be enjoyable if you knew the hooks. 

Understanding how technology works make it way less frustrating. And while coding skills won’t teach you how to build and program your smartphone from scratch, understanding some tech basics makes virtually everything in tech make a bit more sense. It’s as simple as that. A better understanding of one aspect leads to a better understanding of the others. 

Technology is everywhere! Acquiring a tech skill today will benefit you in the long run. If you have been thinking about learning something new and have been putting it off, now is the time to do it! Remember, don’t forget me when you make money.