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5 Ways To Be Smarter Than Your Scammer

5 Ways To Be Smarter Than Your Scammer

You will never get scammed again after reading this.

Important Notice: If you do graphic design, don’t use your debit card to design for your client. Don’t be like my friend, Tobi, who used his card details for Instagram ads. He has given up on graphic design and anything that has to do with the computer. Understand? If you don’t , let me help you. He forgot to blur out the numbers on his card and scammers did him strong thing. Thanks!

These scams are getting out of hand. The format is the same. There is a proven way to spot a scam, and here are four ways you can outsmart your scammers:

  • Think twice before you click
  • Don’t pay anyone asking for urgent money on social media
  • Don’t trust an unknown person asking for card details
  • Your bank already has your details

P.S If you have any messages asking you to send the first five digits and the last five digits of your card, please block the number or call your bank. Got it? The bank already has your details in their database.

Don’t Be Greedy.

Yes, if you did not register or apply for something, don’t jump on free cash or texts promising free money. The ones we’ve seen the most are those about one COVID-19 fund somewhere, like we don’t all know what happened to our palliatives. So, in all you do, stem your greed and you won’t get scammed.

Social Engineering

That’s another one, and it has nothing to do with the engineering that you know. Here, they play on your trust to gain access to your personal information, and it’s so easy to fall victim when you have no reason to doubt.

They either establish trust with you or impersonate people you trust or are likely to trust. Some can even throw in a free service or two to lure you in. Our advice? Double check everything! It doesn’t matter if he’s your uncle’s brother’s sister’s nephew. Do your background checks and take extra care before clicking on links you’re not sure of in your emails or via texts.

So remember, avoid suspicious links and requests. When in doubt, call 08039003700 if you bank with us and if you don’t, download the ALAT app now and bank safe.