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ALAT USSD Codes and all You Can Achieve with It

USSD stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data for your information. It has a lot of usefulness and in this article, we will elaborate on what USSD codes are, the unique features of ALAT By WEMA Bank’s *945# USSD code, how they work, and how you can use the USSD code to achieve and so much more.

What is USSD Code?

If you have ever checked your mobile network balance or your account balance on your phone, you must have used a USSD code. A USSD code is a communication tool used by GSM phone users to have a dialogue with mobile network operators.  It contains a combination of characters on any mobile phone and can span up to 182 characters. Mobile phone owners make use of it to send out various kinds of requests ranging from mobile network requests, financial transaction requests to customer service. 

Benefits of USSD Codes

  1. They function without the Internet – USSD codes are beneficial because they do not require the use of an internet connection or mobile airtime. A simple dial-in on your phone can produce the needed results. This is one reason many companies such as telecommunication and the banking industries make use of it. 
  2. Easier Banking transactions – To make banking transactions easier, most banks have created standard USSD codes to enable users to make specific requests from the bank and ALAT is no exception. What this entails is that customers can run most of their financial transactions without getting to the bank making it faster and more convenient. 

What is ALAT USSD Code?

The ALAT USSD banking code is *945# and it is always available to everyone. However, to make use of it, you must have an account with ALAT (In case you don’t already have an account with ALAT, Create an online account here). Once that is sorted, you simply need to register and activate the code on your phone.

How to Activate ALAT USSD Codes

To activate this code:

  1. Dial *945# on the mobile line that is connected to your bank account. If the number presently used is not connected to your account, you would have to go to the bank to update your details.
  2. After dialing, follow the prompts and choose the options suited to you.
  3. Choose the account you want to make transactions from.
  4. Select a confidential PIN and confirm it. 

It is important to note that most functions are free of charge but there are a few transactions that will require a charge from your account. The ALAT By Wema USSD code can be used to achieve various functions which include;

  • Account management 
  • Cardless transactions
  • State collections, 
  • School and exam purposes, 
  • Payment of electricity bill and internet services, 
  • Airtime, data and transfer transactions, and 
  • Loan application. 

List of ALAT’s USSD Codes

The full list of these functions is highlighted below:

Account Management USSD Codes  

Account management refers to everything concerning your bank account from opening a new one to checking the balance and updating information that is important for the unrestricted use of your account. The USSD codes that make this easier are highlighted below: 

Account balance*945*0# 
Change PINuss*945*00# 
Change primary account*945*2*oldacctno*newacctno# 
Account opening*945*1# 
Account Registering on 945*945*01#
BVN management*945*4# 
Account restriction*945*911# 

Airtime, Data, and Transfers USSD Codes

From the comfort of your home, you can also recharge airtime and data for you or your loved ones and carry out transfers using the following USSD codes:

Airtime (self)*945*amount# 
Airtime (others)*945*phoneNo*amount# 
Transfers (Wema account and other banks)*945*accountNo*amount# 

ALAT Loan USSD Code or USSD Code for Loan          

Just like every other USSD code, you can request for loans on ALAT using the USSD code. The only condition attached is that you must be an ALAT customer. To apply for a loan from ALAT via USSD, you simply need to dial *945*100# on your phone and follow the prompts that pop up. It’s that simple.

Cable TV USSD Code 

You can pay for any kind of cable TV directly from your mobile phone. The USSD codes include:

Cable TV menu*945*10# 
DSTV*945*11# and *945*11*smartcardNO #  
GOTV*945*12# and *945*12*smartcardNO# 

Internet Service USSD Codes

You can also pay for Internet services of different networked using the following USSD codes:

Internet service menu*945*15#

Electricity Bill USSD Codes

Customers from different states can easily pay their electricity bill without going to the office. The USSD codes for different states are outlined below:

Electricity bill*945*24# 

Schools and Exams USSD Codes

Also, students can also check for the results of their external examinations using the USSD codes below: 

WAEC (result checking)*945*70# 
JAMB (result checking)*945*71#

State Collections USSD Code

Lagos state collection         *945*40# 

Bank Cardless Transactions USSD Codes 

Cardless transactions can be carried out via different platforms using the following USSD codes:

Mcash  *945*57# and *945*57*merchantcode*amount# 
Coralpay  *945*58# and *945*000*REFno# 

These are the awesome functions that can be carried out with the Wema bank USSD code. So, instead of going through the stress of getting to the bank, simply dial *945# and enjoy easier and more convenient banking services! If you are yet to join the bank that supports you to do much more, you can do that by clicking here.