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New On ALAT: Loans On Goals, Reward For Two And More

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In case you don’t believe in auto-updating your apps, a fresh ALAT update, version 2.6, is waiting for you on Google Play and the App Store.

Version 2.6 adds a couple of features (besides the usual performance improvements):

1. Loans On Goals

You now qualify for a pre-approved loan, If you have a savings goal of 100,000 naira or more. We developed this to help you keep your savings and interest whenever you need money urgently. All the work you put into saving shouldn’t go to waste just because you have an emergency, right? Right.

Update the ALAT app now and tap Loans on the menu to see how much you can borrow. Terms and conditions apply.

2. More Payments

You can now pay for your international passport and driver’s license on the app. We like to think that the more things you can do without queuing up, the more time you’ll have to live your life.

Update the ALAT app now and tap Airtime & Bills on the menu to see the new payment options.

ALAT Referral Program – Reward For Two

Away from new features, we’ve launched a revamped referral program called Reward For Two. Learn everything about it here.

If you’re enjoying ALAT, remember to tell people about it and share your referral code. Thank you so much for your attention and participation.