Savings & Goals
Savings & Goals

Join The Savings & Investment Gang

ALAT helps make savings & investment as easy as spending with the savings goals features.

ALAT savings goals are created for you to help you get the things you want. Whether you’re setting up a budget, saving for that special item, occasion, or just looking for a rewarding savings & investment plan, ALAT Savings Goals has got you covered.

You can create as many goals as you need. It’s as easy as setting your target, choosing your saving frequency, and watching the magic happen. ALAT handles the rest…and makes you some good money in the process.

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Savings and investment plan

Leading the digital financial empowerment with savings & investment in the banking sector

With several awards, ALAT continues to distinguish itself in the financial technology service industry across Africa enabling individuals and businesses with savings & investment opportunities. 

Fixed Goal

Save for a new target whenever you want and earn huge interest rate.

Flexi Goal

Save towards a project at a frequency of choice, with withdrawal option.

Dollar Goal

Save in dollars whenever you want and not allow your money loose it’s value.


Save any amount you want, whenever you want instead of keeping idle funds in your account.


Save high amount for longer periods and get interest upfront.

Spend & Save

Save a percentage of every of your transaction amount on your account.

Lock up

Lock up funds with a fixed withdrawal date.

How do I Create a Savings Goal?

  1. Click Goals
  2. Then click Create a New Goal.
  3. Name your goal.
  4. Pick the goal type (Fixed goalFlexi goalDollar GoalStashInvestmentSpend & save or Lock up).
  5. Set the amount of money you want to save.
  6. Set the target date for achieving the goal.
  7. Set the date to begin saving.
  8. Pick your saving frequency (daily, weekly or monthly).
  9. Pick the account money will be saved from.
  10. Click Create Goal.