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I’ll start by saying, it’s okay to be a foodie. Na food we like, we no kill person. Food and health are an inseparable duo and the fact that something as beautiful as food could affect your health negatively just doesn’t sit right with me. Over time, research has led us to see certain foods in a negative light– meat, bread, rice, carbonated drinks, pastries and many other “junk foods”–possibly rightly so. The King of them all is sugar, which is said to be bad for the immune system and heart (honourable mention to our very own jedi-jedi) which is crazy because most carbohydrate foods naturally contain sugar. Does this suggest totally canceling out carbohydrates?

The reality is every food either provides nutrients or sustenance to the body, even ponmo. However, just as two truths can exist, food can both contain nutrients and be harmful to the body. So where do we draw the line? Food is very personal to a lot of people so I’m not about to instruct you on what or what not to eat. Many people have adopted ”clean” eating habits, to which I say “God When?”. Some others try to get the best of both worlds, you know the ones that will have a burger for breakfast, rice for lunch and a salad at night to confuse the calories. Then there’s the rest of us that just eat nonsense with our chests because this life na one and we must enjoy to the fullest. I’m all about the soft life so honestly, I eat to enjoy. However, as we age, health potentially deteriorates. This isn’t to say eating “clean” or “living right” is a guarantee for long life, it just may not be the worst idea to be a little more thoughtful about our healths to increase our chances, and yes, this is coming from a certified foodie, so, note to self.

   We’ve established that all foods have something to offer, but sometimes, it’s give-and-take. The key is to strike a balance. If you’re a junk food lover like me, try gradually introducing the healthy foods. Again, I’m not saying you should fully start eating green if it’s not your cup of tea, I’m saying we can put in some effort occasionally. Junk food is bad, but how much or how often you eat it also determines the effect. In all, the goal is to be happy, so put you first and if that means eating good food, sign up to ALAT now, get your first ATM card delivered to you for FREE and enjoy seamless and stress-free online and offline transactions wherever, whenever. You Only Live Once, download the ALAT app now and experience the soft life. Have the best time with this our small holiday, Eid-el-Kabir!